Through different projects and services, we endeavour to help communities meet their needs and sustain their efforts after our short-term missions are over. Learn more about what we do below. 

Where We Work 

We work in Pokot and Turkana, Kenya.

The smiles of the people of Pokot and Turkana are engrained in our hearts.
The fond memories we've made shorten the distance between us and them daily.

Join us and have your life changed!

Food Security - Food scarcity affects these communities often, so we provide food and plan farming programs for sustainability. We have partnered with The Agri8 Business to ensure that regions can do farming through irrigation.

In 2017, we sent food trucks to the communities due to recent deadly droughts and famine.

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The Girl Child Empowerment Program - The program focuses on empowering young females. We have partnered with World Vision and The 'Days For Girls' (DfG) organization that provides women with reusable sanitary products. This program has helped paved the way for the all girls boarding school (the Kolowa High School) mentioned  below .
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Annual Mission Trips - Every year, internationals and locals signup for our annual missions. Theses missions offer services such as free medical outreach, Vacation Bible School, educational programs and spiritual enrichment programs that help strengthen the communities. Because a mission trip is short-term outreach, we only do these when we have the support of local ministries that can continue the work when we are not physically present.
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The Child Sponsorship Program - A number of children have benefited from the child sponsorship program that provides education and boarding for a few children. Consider sponsoring a child today and help us empower these precious children with education.
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VUNAInc.Org - VUNA Inc is a youth program in the U.S. dedicated to serving African immigrant youth by helping them integrate and succeed in their academics and career paths. Our programs are designed to be affordable and readily accessible to underprivileged youths.

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The Kolowa Girls School - We are thrilled about our work at the Kolowa Girls High School. In January 2018, the high school admitted its first students. In partnership with the local community, we look forward to doubling the number of enrolled students. We seek to lower the cases of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and forced early marriages by at least 20% through education. In addition to formal education, the school will also offer vocational programs for girls and women.
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