​​​ Why Your Help is Needed

  Objective: To contribute in a​​​ddressing the immediate need of food security in Pokot & Turkana, Kenya.
Needs:  1) Organize an effective team to help raise money for the food.
2) Recruit volunteers to help run the campaign and logistics for food delivery.
3) Recruit a team for long-term development approaches to help address the food insecurity issue.

 Nomadic pastoralism is the dominant source of all livelihood with semi-arid regions of northern Kenya (Bollig, Schnegg, & Wotzka, 2013). The people of Pokot and Turkana rely heavily on extensive livestock production as their principle livelihood. The majority of their wealth is held in form of livestock and virtually all their cash earnings come from either sale of livestock or livestock products (Christopher B. Barrett, 2004). However, harsh climatic conditions affects this.

Turkana and Pokot are located in ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Land) territories of Kenya. This means they experience low rainfall and high temperatures that affect agricultural development due to lack of water (ILRI, 2008).

On 10 February 2017, the Government of Kenya declared a national drought emergency, with 23 of the 47 counties affected and in need of humanitarian assistance. This declaration was a result of poor rainfall in 2016 that mainly affected the ASAL of Kenya (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 2017). The report also indicated that the drought has led to decrease in terms of trade for pastoralists, contributing to rising food insecurity and malnutrition.

Goal:  Due to this crisis, VUNA International seeks to ensure that children from the drought-stricken communities of Kolowa and Kapunyany in Pokot, Baringo County and Lockichar in Turkana county have daily provisions of food.
  1. Food is Life
    Food is Life
    Make a difference by contributing for a good cause!

Recent Cost Implication and Distribution of Food
(June, 2017)

  • Cost per sack of maize/corn = 5000 KSH (or $50 USD)​. Total number of 90kg sacks was 40.
  • Cost of beans = 8000 KSH ($80 USD). Total number of 90kg sacks needed was 15.
  • Total number of sacks (beans and corn) needed = 55.
  • Number of schools to benefit = 3. [They are The Kapunyany and Kolowa schools from Pokot and Lokichar from Turkana].
  • Transportation for the food will be eliminated; food will be bought locally. ​
  • Over 600 students benefited from this program for June 2017                         
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