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We are a Christian Organization partnering with marginalized communities in Arid- and Semi-Arid regions to provide access to safe water, combat food security, and support education, and health initiatives one village at a time.

We would like to formally invite you to consider joining the East and Central Africa Division for the upcoming Evangelistic Campaign “HOMECOMING EVANGELISTC IMPACT 2025” which will be held on July 6-20, 2024. Your presence and participation will be highly appreciated. You are welcome to choose where you want to go and which areas of ministry you would like to participate and we will accommodate your request. We are seeking mainly for Preachers; but also, Family life speakers, Health/Medics speakers, Children’s Programs volunteers, etc. Whatever your gift, desire, and passion for ministry we will work with you to place you within your area of interest and gifts. Register for 2024 MISSIONS


Compassion Stirred into Action

We are Christian Organization partnering with marginalized communities in Arid- and Semi-Arid regions to provide access to safe water, combat food security, and support education, and health initiatives one village at a time. Offering strategic planning and leadership for sustainable missions for Adventist instiutions, mission groups, organizations and individuals. “

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Ongoing Projects:

Turkana Water Project

Turkana Water Project Water crisis leads to economic, health, equity, and Increased death. Help us combat these and more crises by donating towards the Turkana water project. Your monthly donation will help us complete our borehole project. Together we can make the world a better place.

Days For Girls

Days for Girls’ (DfG) is an organization that was created to give girls and women a chance. The founder and CEO of the organization had a burden to provide an education and a solution for menstruating females who would otherwise miss school and work because of the lack of sanitary napkins.


Our two-week annual mission trips are open to all. They include (but are not limited to) free medical camps, mentorship programs, Vocational Bible School, classroom teaching, construction, and spiritual programs. Volunteers are responsible for paying their own flights and the registration fee for the mission.

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as the society and take the lead.

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