VUNA International is a Christian humanitarian organization passionate about the biblical principle of justice and human rights. We seek to provide locally sustainable humanitarian relief to isolated communities with inadequate access to the socio-economic human rights of health, education and food security. 

Our Services

YLEAD (Why Leadership Education 
and Academic Development)

Youth Program in the northwest suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to serving African high school and post-secondary youth to help them integrate and succeed in their career paths.

VUNA Africa


VUNA has various ongoing intiatives in Africa to marginalized communities. Our programs focus on Education, Health and Food Security.
Annually, we organize mission trips
to Africa to support these ongoing projects.
Advocacy  for minority groups and marginalized communities.

Girl Child​ Empowerment Program
  Compassion Stirred to Action
Meet our friend Sheila.  It was her dream to become a medical doctor, but it was cut short because she could not afford sanitary pads. Living with HIV/AIDS today, she works to empower other underprivileged girls through making sustainable, affordable and accessible sanitary napkins. Today over 250 women and girls in Pokot are beneficiaries of Sheila's work through VUNA International's Girl Child Empowerment Program.

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